I knew I wanted to relax

It was a hazy day in July when I heard what sounded like a car backfiring behind my house. At first, I really had no idea what had happened, but I laughed at the thought of burgers flying from my  neighbors grill after putting too much lighter fluid to the charcoal.  It was one of their typical summer cookouts. Then, I thought I heard the air conditioning fading away. It was when the vents were no longer droning their hum and I no long felt coolish air out at me. It had simply expired. I went to the unit, in spite of the fact that it was still eighty degrees and nine o’clock at night.  It was still hot sun’s rays. I looked at my HVAC unit, and there it was, smoke was coming from the top of the main unit. This was probably the worse time of year for this to happen.  The weather forecasts were showing a week of the hottest temperatures on record. Now, my HVAC system was succumbing to the heat, I was about to be a victim of the summer heat if I didn’t have air conditioning. That was the scariest thing I could of, and my knees were shaking.  I was numb just thinking about. It was too much for me to fathom, or for my brain to know what to do next.  Through the smoke, I saw the HVAC technicians card, inside plastic, and taped to the right side of the defunct unit. That yanked me from my stupor, and I regained enough sense to be able to find my phone and call the number.  When they answered, they said that my problem wasn’t as bad as I thought,  They promptly sent out an HVAC specialist.  

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