I just want to be entertained

Sometimes it appears like I shouldn’t try to travel outside my realm of coziness, because I’m punished when I do. For instance, when I go out on a limb to help an acquaintance, I always get screwed over by that person. It feels like the world is against me whenever I try to do something good but fail, but maybe I’m just overly sensitive. That’s how I ended up throwing a big party along with instantly regretting it when my HVAC system decided to throw me under the bus. I don’t normally enjoy party planning because of the pressure to please everyone immediately, but I decided we should have an end of summer bash before it was too late. It was an excellent hot day, and I had the air conditioning cranked up while I was cleaning the home in preparation for our family and friends. It seemed like I couldn’t get the house cold enough, simply for the reason that the heat outside was so overbearing. Everyone begun to arrive and we were having a pretty good time, gathering in the coldest areas of the home and enjoying the AC that flowed in. Suddenly, the temperature did start to climb, and it seemed to be unrelated to the addition of new guests. The thermostat had been reflecting hotter and hotter indoor air temperatures, and the A/C wasn’t kicking in anymore. The house was soon well over 90 degrees inside and the guests were entirely miserable. This event had to end early, with all our sweaty friends fleeing for the safety of their own A/C units.

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