I have no HVAC in my apartment

As I write this, I am kneeling right in our lake house with only a fan blowing directly onto me. It is over 100 degrees outside already, plus I am dripping with a lot of sweat, but unfortunately now, I do live in a really old lake house building here. This means there is no a/c to use. Of course I made the right decision to live here before I had ever experienced a Summer here now, plus now I am already looking for another apartment to live in, a single with a/c! In fact, there is no Heating plus A/C plan at all in this apartment that I have here. There is no heating in the winter either, plus no a/c in the summer here. At least in the Winter I can pull an area heating system right into our room for some real extra comfort, but in the Summer it is just brutal always to me. Every one of us also have a really big picture window in our dining room there that I absolutely adored when I saw the apartment there. However, now that it is summertime, the sun always beats in through the window making it so incredibly hot, especially with no real air conditioned breeze to keep us cool in here either. Every one of us all have had to put the fans right in our rooms, but that still does not make sleeping any less unpleasant for us. It is just too boiling there separate from a fantastic cooling system that we have. In our next apartment though, I hope to have both heating plus a/c. However, I have learned that a/c is far more important. At least in the Wintertime from heat, you can put more layers right on. But in the summer, you can only take so much off! That is why a/c is a must have here.

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