I have been working a lot on my heater

One of my favorite winter memories from my youth is spending the wintertime break from school with my godparents. It was so cold during those times even my hair felt like it would freeze! But still, it was always a lot of fun and excitement. We would eat snacks while watching tv and stay curled up on the couch under giant, heavy comforters and blankets. It was always toasty warm inside, even when it was shockingly cold outside. The house they lived in was very old, over a century, and it did not have everyday things we take for granted today. Things like a air conditioner, central heat, and modern furnaces.But at the time, all we had to keep us warm was a space heater. Space heaters are a less energy efficient than modern HVAC systems, and also markedly more hazardous. Unlike a furnace (which is incredibly safe), a space heater has variable degrees of safety, and going to sleep with one near your bed constituted a fire hazard. Overall, they were not a very sensible way to provide heating to a house together with a family. Today HVAC systems are commonplace, space heaters are antique. Almost every house built within the last four decades has central heat and air conditioning. But one should not forget that it wasn’t so long ago when all heating systems were especially primitive. Looking back, the space heaters we used weren’t much safer than using open flames! Keep that in the mind next time you get a little bit chilly, and nudge your furnace on while using the thermostat. We live in a period of time when all your cooling & heating needs can be corrected with a single phone call, what a terrific time to be alive!temperature control