I have a new plumbing repair all the time

Jax and I have lived in the same home for the past 24 years.  My home is well over 100 years old, more than one story, and  has more than one powder rooms.  Jax and I have had constant problems with both powder rooms, especially our toilets.  I’m not sure if this is because the plumbing device is seriously ancient, or because Jax and I tend to buy cheap toilets.  Like anything else, the style of toilets vary a lot.  How long the warranty is, comfort, and flow of water are big features.  Because our toilet usually dies after proper supplier hours, and we’re desperate to fix up our problem, so Jax and I just grab a toilet off the shelf at the local hardware store.  We’ve had so many issues with both toilets in the house, so Jax and I typically keep spare pieces like wax rings, and plumbing tape on hand in the kitchen.  My husband Jax has become an expert at fixing up the toilet.   He has a big toolbox full of his wrenches and other tools he needs to handle every style of plumbing issue.  My husband Jax can update the guts in the tank within 10 minutes flat.  If the toilet won’t come up with water or won’t stop running, he switches out the flapper in the tank.  If the toilet is spilling over, Jax occasionally has to remove the toilet and update the wax layer.  Whether it’s a leak or a need for an entirely new toilet, Jax can complete a whole upgrade project within the hour.  I assume Jax could hire himself out to friends and next door friends to resolve their toilet challenges. plumbing equipment