I have a dirty HVAC unit

As an HVAC technician, I feel really bad for some homeowners. Most people don’t have much knowledge of HVAC systems, so they waste big money on services and equipment. You wouldn’t believe the quantity of home visits I get sent to, only to find out their air filters are soiled or the batteries are dead inside the thermostat. if I tell a friend or relative their batteries need changed, they feel super embarrassed. On top off that, I have to charge them a site fee. I always recommend those minor suggestions to people before calling their HVAC technician. To begin with, check your air filters. If you don’t know where they’re located ask the last homeowners, or spend some time looking throughout the house. These have to be replaced every couple of months because they get dirty pretty quickly. After all, they’re filtering out the debris and dust from the air. Next, take a look at your circuit breaker. This can usually be associated with the basement or garage. Just like your electrical breakers, sometimes your HVAC unit will break its circuit. If this is always happening, then it’s a good idea to call your HVAC business. Last, check the AC pipe line. There will be a small pan under your unit that will collect excess water. If you find water, call your HVAC business because this could mean the system is blocked. Lastly, use good judgement. Take a moment to look at your equipment yourself before calling your HVAC business. You’d be surprised what you can fix yourself, rather than paying a technician to see you to replace your thermostat batteries.

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