I hate being poor

Perhaps it was hubris that brought me to this place. Perhaps it was the too much pride, which I have heard comes before the fall. And quite a fall it has been. Here is where it all began. I was too ambitious with putting in my new HVAC system. I had just purchased it from the HVAC provider, and was too eager to install it. They provided me with a manual, but I was far too excited to slow down my mind’s pace and to read actual words that lived on a page. And I was of course far to excited to think about waiting for an installation service to get my HVAC system installed. No, I wanted to feel the refreshing coolness of the air conditioning on my skin. It would be the perfect respite from the heat outside. I was too impatient, and I just intuited my way around the assembly and the unraveling of each of the parts that came with my HVAC system. I put it together too hastily, and I didn’t pay attention as I connected the actual heating and cooling system to the hookups provided in my home. What ended up happening was the fall that I am experiencing now due to the overconfidence and misplaced pride that I had. As soon as I fired the machine up, there was a loud explosion, and smoke started to trail up from the HVAC system. I knew at that point that I was too eager, and that I just didn’t see it. Next time, if there is a next time, I know that patience is the virtue that I need most.

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