I had a nice vision

I once had an amazing vision in my mind of a way to harness the age old idea of “mind over matter.” All this began when I took a spiritual trip south of the border with one of my housemates right after college. We had studied biochemical system and though we were perhaps not the highest graded students our ideas were extensive. After many meditation journeys in the jungle with our spiritual guide Matteo we realized that there seems to be nothing the mind could possibly not accomplish. Of course being men of science we knew that ultimately it was all just the matter of electromagnetic impulses throughout the brain. One of the skills I taught myself was a kind of unique climate control. It might sound crazy to begin with, but we were able to make our own version of air conditioning with our minds. The sensation was exactly like standing in front of a typical HVAC system vent, like the ones from back home. It was all in my head. We no longer needed A/C because we had gained an inner knowledge just like many of our ancestors of how to provide our own climate control, completely free from technology or any mechanical means. Naturally, this means that heating and cooling systems are possibly done away with if there was a method to teach people this climate influence skill. Just imagine all of the energy and money which would be saved! We knew the air conditioning brain power had to be rooted in a formula of some sort or other. We never did figure this out though.

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