I had a great weekend

I don’t really get how these large casinos can mix smoking and non-smoking within a single room. I look around and I read the signs for the designated spots, but it just doesn’t make sense. When I have my back to someone, I can be inside the non-smoking area, and the other person can be smoking cigars, and additionally I can’t smell it. I’m sure it has something to do with the climate control, air purifiers, or just the HVAC, but I think it would be much better to have entire floors dedicated to smoking or non-smoking. As soon as I walk into a room, I can tell if someone has been smoking within the last few days. If I am in a place that has had smokers, I can always smell it on my clothes. Do these casinos think that by separating areas with merely a walking space, it will also relieve smells and allergens from all the smoking? I was a major disbeliever, but although I am not too happy with the layout, I do think that the odors and allergens can be contained to a certain degree. One gentleman laughed and said that the non-smoking areas have got exhaust fans over that area. They have micron air filters that filter the odors, smoke and additives, and the air conditioning recycles in fresh air. I guess the fans must really be super heavy duty because they would have to be in order to keep up with so many cigars and cigarettes. They must have an incredible HVAC system, and highly developed climate control along with air purifiers. I can’t imagine how much filtering material must be contained within the air filter systems, but I sure am pleased that they have it.

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