I forgot to do HVAC service

I must admit, I am not the most organized person in the world. In fact, I just may be the least organized. It has been a problem my entire life, I am just not sure why I can not seem to keep myself in line. This has cause many issues throughout the years. For example, school was very difficult for me, as is normal day to day activities that include math. I suppose I should have had this issue checked out before it became a life threatening problem. But, of course, I did not. Because of my issues keeping things straight in my mind, it is hard for me to remember to keep my HVAC system serviced properly. I never thought it was that big of a deal, until it almost burnt down my home! I walked into the house one day after work, and smelled a hint of smoke. I followed the scent until I reached my HVAC system, engulfed in flames! I called the fire department immediately, and luckily they were able to control and eventually extinguish the flames. My home was saved, however, my entire HVAC system was completely ruined. I ended up having to get a new air conditioner, furnace, and thermostat! I must say, though, that I am loving how cold the new air conditioner gets my house! The old one did not work half as well! Now I try my very best to remember to have the HVAC system serviced when it is supposed to. Although knowing myself, who knows how long that will last!

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