I forgot about the service

When you think about disorganized, you can think of me.  I’ll bet they would have my name as a synonym for the word disorganization.  I have always had a problem with disorganization.  The fact that I am as disorganized as I am has become a major concern in my life.  I try to take control of myself, but I just fail at it.  When I was school, I was always getting into trouble, and the worst part was that I did the work, I just never had everything cleaned up enough to find it.  Maybe I should have been checked out in case it is something that is curable, but I didn’t.  My inability to keep things going smoothly, has also been a problem for my heating and air conditioning system.  I could never remember that I needed to have periodic inspections done, or even to change my air filters.  I didn’t think it was a big problem, until I almost burned my house down.  By the time I got to the basement, my HVAC system was engulfed in flames.  The fire company was able to control the fire, and put it out.  My home was okay, my HVAC system was destroyed, and I needed a new HVAC system.   I chose a combination air conditioner, and gas furnace, with temperature control.  I love how the new air conditioner can produce such cool temperature.  I didn’t realize that my old AC was so inferior.  I need to remember to have the servicing done on my new HVAC system, and to insure that it is done, I have purchased a service and repair plan.  

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