I forgot a lot of things

I am probably the most disorganized human being on this earth.  My lack of organization has always been a concern for my parents, but I just seem to get myself going in any specific direction.  Take my math class for instance.  I knew the material, and I always got it done.  But when it came to handing it in, I could never find it and I would lose points.  I guess I should have taken it upon myself to have a chat with a doctor, but I never did.  With all of my concerns about my lack of concentration, I forget that there are things that need to be done.  I forgot to get the maintenance done on my HVAC.  I didn’t remember to change the air filters, and it was the reason for my house fire..  I thought about the inspections and air filters, but I guess it just didn’t seem so important, until I walked into my home and I smelled smoke.  I followed the odor and I when I saw the source, my HVAC was already engulfed in flames.  I dialed the fire department and they were quick to show up and put out the fire.  My home was saved, but my HVAC system was unrecognizable.  I had to buy a new HVAC system, with a gas furnace and and a new mobile thermostat.  I have to admit that this new HVAC is much better than the old unit, and my house get super cold, super quick.  Now I just need to have all of my inspections done, and my air filters changed.  They offered me a HVAC maintenance and service plan which I didn’t accept, but I should call them while I am thinking about it, and tell them to sign me up.

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