I finally got a job

I was thrilled to start high school this past fall. Most of my friends are a year older than I am. I was the last to enter high school and get my driver’s license. They were ahead of me in everything, including getting a part-time job. I asked my parents to let me take a job, but they waited to agree until they saw my report card. After I proved myself, I found a job at the local ice cream parlor. Some of my friends also worked there. The first Saturday of work, I was scooping ice cream and learning the various responsibilities of the job.  I was shocked to see that there was a dual Heating and cooling system installed in the parlor. They had a heater blasting near  our feet and then an air conditioner blasting cold air from the vents by the counters. I asked why this was necessary.  I was told that the freezers generate so much heat that it feels as if there is a heating system installed near the floor.  They actually only had the air conditioner running, trying to compensate for this heat output.   I was so incredibly hot during my shifts.  The customers benefited from the air conditioning, while I was getting hit with hot air against my legs.  I was constantly sweaty during my shifts. I would wipe down the tables whenever possible, just to take advantage of the cooling system, hoping to cool down. It wasn’t so bad in the fall.  When the outside temperature dropped, having that heat hit my legs actually felt fairly good.  Unfortunately, the ice cream parlor always closed by the first of November.  Right when that heat would have been super handy, they closed for the season.

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