I enjoy collecting older things

My mom carries a habit in her life of going out looking for good deals wherever she can locate them. She loves going out to thrift stores, salvage shops, and estate sales whenever the case presents itself. Sometimes her dedication really takes care of her and she gets some awesome stuff a low price, but she also acquires a lot more stuff than she knows the direction to go with. That’s how I ended up “temporarily” keeping some pricey antiques to be with me here, and almost going bankrupt running my HVAC unit along the course. She had some really terrific old books and furniture that she couldn’t fit in her small house at the time, and asked if I could place them in my spare storage room. The only caveat was that I needed to keep them extremely cool in addition to very dry, or else they could become ruined. As such, she asked that we work my AC unit constantly to counteract the  summer months heat. I didn’t mind in the beginning, but after it had been a couple of months I noticed that my energy bill had been skyrocketing through the nonstop air conditioning. I asked when she could come over to collect her items, wishing to avoid another month of nonstop  cooling system costs, but she was confused about her plans. After some time passed I couldn’t afford to continue with this; I had to buy some other kind of window air conditioning unit just to put in the spare room. Just to be sure, I also bought a smaller dehumidifier to go along with the A/C unit. Then I had to stop using my central cooling completely so we could be able to afford to power the ventilation in her makeshift storage area.HVAC service