I enjoy a good hockey game

To look at was about 15 years outdated, we had a really negative storm come through our community. So bad that it required down power lines, things were blowing all around in the air, and we lost power for a week! Honestly, it doesn’t really seem like an issue until you experience the situation yourself. This storm took place during the middle of winter. It was so cold out, and we didn’t have got any heat. Thankfully, my parents had a fireplace in their home, and who was the only heat source we for that week. It was so horrible free of any light, no technology to look at or do anything, but most significantly no heat. We are the type of family that always have our house extra warm in the winter months. We wore layers and sheets of clothing, we all slept out inside the living right next to fireplace and i should have barely sleep. Not only as a result of lack of warmth but it was subsequently because my dad was snoring. I missed mine space, my bed, and my own heat!! None of the heating and cooling experts could do anything because the all of the  power lines were down. It took forever for all of the power lines to be renewed. I was so sick involving lighting candle after candle, playing games, and not being able to get hot any of my food in the microwave. After our power went finally came on, I realized that I was taking so many things for granted in life and never will again after this terrifying situation!

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