I don’t understand these issues

My pianist friend and I scheduled a lesson together with his teacher. This was very exciting, as I always like working with teachers at schools besides my own. I feel just like this gives me a more well-rounded education and I get different perspectives. My friend’s teacher has a studio that’s located in a totally different area of the building from my own. This section of the campus is simply not connected to the main heating and cooling system. I know this because when I decided on this studio for my pianist friend’s lesson, I discovered the furnace didn’t seem to be working. Because it’s the middle of winter, and the weather in this part of the country gets very, very frosty, I was rather alarmed to discover this area of the building to be neglected by the furnace. The furnace wasn’t turned on at all, and honestly, if I did possibly not know better, I would say the air conditioning system was actually running! My pianist friend was having a very hard time during his lesson as his fingers were numb from the cold. I was exceedingly freezing, as well, and caused it to be difficult for me to work with my friend during his lesson. His teacher was covered in her scarf and fur coat. She said she had put in a number of maintenance requests about the shoddy HVAC, but nobody had replied. She told us in case the studio was still without proper heating the next day, she would refuse to teach until the heating issue was fixed.

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