I don’t really want heating

My boyfriend Stephen and I planned a trip where we are going to do a lot of searching, sight seeing and hiking. My am more of a lay on the beach with a drink kind of girl. I don’t like seeing sights I can just google and I hate hiking. But, the country we are going to looks great and I am determined to be a good sport. I am preparing myself to be a different person. I am getting into the right mindset. Everyday I keep telling myself that I will go without toilets. I will go without showering everyday. I don’t need to eat my vegan friendly food. I also don’t need to have heating. Where Stephen and I are traveling too will likely be cold. I am prepared to freeze the complete hike. I am not going to complain and whine to Stephen that i want access to a heating component. I have been psychologically and physically preparing myself. I have already been going for long walks everyday and I’m  not running my home heating system. I am making my body be informed on going for a long time with no heating. I ought to be strong enough to not wish  for a heater. Thankfully I am the one who booked our hotels. Right at the end of each hike I can tell myself that no less than the hotel has a terrific heating device because I ensured of it. I also bought tons of snacks that I am going to pack with me for when we hike.

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