I don’t mind a small room

I have now been enjoying college life for about two years, and only two more to go.  I don’t know if I would still be living in the dorms, if it weren’t for the fact that I don’t have any expenses living here.  If I had been in an apartment, I would be paying rent, utilities, and needing to do all of my own cleaning, but the dorm isn’t like that.  Most of the responsibilities of renting is gone.  I even get most of my meals from the cafeteria as long as my schedule works with theirs.  If it doesn’t mesh, I have a mini fridge and a microwave, so it is almost like being home.  I probably wouldn’t be here, however, because I got a full ride scholarship, and it pays all of my expenses as long as I get the grades.  The reason I wouldn’t be in the dorm if I didn’t have a scholarship, is because of the HVAC situation.  The HVAC here, sucks.  I can’t believe that the dormitories are so archaic, that they don’t supply zone control for each room.  There is only one master thermostat and it is operated by the maintenance team, and no one is allowed near it.  They must have a vengeance against students, because no matter what the weather is, the HVAC is set to handle the opposite conditions.  I tried talking to my student advisor about the HVAC situation.  Her recommendation was to go to the administration and file a formal complaint.  She also warned me that there probably wouldn’t be anything done this year, and I would only need to file a new complaint next year.  At this rate, I’ll have graduated, and I’ll still be filing complaints.

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