I am victorious

You certainly are aware of that phrase, “know your enemy’s.” On one occasion in high school I was locked within the confines of a vicious prank battle with a fantastic friend of mine, Bobby. We had gone back and forth messing with each other’s autos in what was innocent ways, and I’d heard that another instance was scheduled for a rapidly approaching Saturday night. The good thing was, I knew Bobby well enough to be able to ascertain that he had an obvious weakness; he loved the cold air conditioning. Whenever we were in his car, the whole group of people griped about how cold the temperature settings were, and desired to turn the air vents far away from them to be spared from the AC. Bobby didn’t care, because his own body was like some freakish human furnace. He was hot all the time, and constantly required super cold air temperatures so that he could remain comfortable and dry. Because of this powerful knowledge, I formulated an idea, and waited for him to attempt his own. When he got out of his car, we snuck around from the other side and switched on the heat for a while until it was unbearably hot and stuffy. Then we flipped off the thermostat and poured a ton of fine glitter into his air vents, especially the ones at face level. We snuck back to the high bushes by the side of the car and waited for our prank to unfold. He got back in his car and immediately noticed the overbearing temperatures, at which point he cranked the AC up totally and glitter shot out like a canon everywhere! I was laughing so hard; his very own prank was destroyed by this love for frigid air conditioning.

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