I am very forgetful

I never remember to adjust the temperature control before I go to work most of the time. I was continually paying to heat or cool an empty house with no one in it during the day.  I would usually remember the temperature control after I had already driven to work, & it was too late by that time.to do anything about it.  The oil furnace or a/c would operate at maximum capacity all afternoon long even, maintaining our empty cabin at the most ideal temperature.  It took me quite a while in fact to finally purchase & install a smart temperature control in there.  First, I kept forgetting to research & figure out which type of temperature control would be best for our requirements too.  Then, I could never remember to stop at the hardware store near me & purchase the temperature control like.I wanted.  It took me various weeks to get around to handling the installation that I wanted so much.  I was surprised that mounting the temperature control & connecting it to our internet was fairly straight-forward for me to do.  Programming the temperature control was straight-forward, & it was has made a sizable difference in yearly yearly bills & comfort.  The temperature control automatically just adjusts according to our schedule, & reminds me when it’s time to replace the air filters that we have.  Plus, I can do adjustments at any time from our smartPhone or computer if I have internet.  The smart temperature control even offers energy saving tips to help split costs all the time, & will alert our Heating & A/C supplier if there is a problem here.  

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