I am once again comfortable

I was teasing my daughter about how hot it was inside her home. She apologized for the ac not working so well, but I laughed and said it had nothing to do with  the air conditioning. She hung her head and started to laugh. She is boisterous in her demands, but now she is more understandable, and she comes with bigger demands. I am so glad that it is her partner that needs to endure her, and not myself and her dad. She lives in a single story house with her husband and their three children and her mother-in-law. Often there is a lot of laughter in addition to lots of talking and breathing which emits a great deal of hot air throughout the house. If everyone would shut up, she wouldn’t have to keep worrying about the air conditioner running. She thinks of herself as a jack of all trades, and she called her dad about fixing  the air conditioner. He suggested she change the air filters and leave the rest alone. He really tried to convince her to speak to a HVAC specialist. He knew the issue was with the condenser, and he didn’t plan to mess with it. Her husband was livid the moment he got home. The air conditioning unit was ripped apart, and she was in tears. She had no idea what went where, or where it originated from. She held up the air filter and said she just wanted to change it. A thousand dollars later, the air conditioner was working, and it only took a couple of hours. It would have been less had she not had fun with the AC components.

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