Hydronic heating

Every four weeks I receive my energy bill and usually get a couple of advertisements in the envelope. I really never gave them any mind, until my air conditioner started failing. I noticed there were energy saving tips in the envelope. I decided to heed some of the tips. I swapped the air conditioner filter first, I couldn’t even see through it for all the pet hair. I had no idea there was an air filter in the HVAC itself until I read that. The advertisement said to search for the filter in the back system of the unit, and it should just pull right out. I took the air filter out and washed it, and carefully put it back in. Another energy saving tip I came across was to set the thermostat at a lower setting, and I would save a lot of money on my heating and cooling bill. I could put on a jacket or even long pants, maybe some thick socks to keep my feet warm, if I suddenly became too cold. I examined my air conditioner closely and it was quiet, so maybe examples of the tips helped. I also learned I needed to have my HVAC serviced, so I enrolled in a maintenance plan to have yearly tune up, along with repairs as needed. This would save me money over time. After talking to the HVAC serviceman, he suggested I need to take into consideration an overhaul on my HVAC. I’m old class and I didn’t know they had zone control, hydronic heating, temperature control, and ductless HVAC units available. I checked my checking account and found I am able to afford a completely new system. I may even try some of the upgraded technology.

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