HVAC unit information

As I woke up this morning I noticed my air conditioner wasn’t blowing any cold air. My air handler was on but there seemed to be no cold air coming from this. I pulled the filter out from underneath my cooling coils and additionally shined a flashlight up from underneath it and saw that the coils had been covered with ice. This had happened before and it’s also usually because the HVAC system gets to be low on refrigerant. I’ll have to call my HVAC provider out to have a look at it. The same thing happened about recently and it was because I was the lowest on refrigerant. My HVAC contractor said I probably had a leak in the system in the case it happened again- and that I would want a new set of cool coils. I guess I better get my check book out because he said it could cost several hundred dollars to change the HVAC coils. Now I wonder plainly if I should just get a finished new HVAC system. My current heating and air conditioning system is pretty old so a fresh system would seem like a very good idea. I guess I should get a quote from several HVAC skilled tradesmen because you never know if you would be getting a good deal if you don’t shop around. My neighbor just had a new HVAC system installed so maybe for certainty I will ask him for suggestions. I guess I could also check with the bbb. If I’m going so spend a ton of money on an HVAC system, I have to get it done right!

HVAC installation