HVAC to alleviate sick symptoms


I know I am not the only one, but I have always equated sickness with misery. Growing up I always got sick at a real inconvenient time. The flu would often fall around early fall or winter. I grew up in the north east so the time of year brings bitter cold winds that soaks itself into the house. On a healthy night I would feel my room never got warm enough and would use a small space heater. We had an older house with an outdated furnace, we kept the thermostat at a warm degree but only used it to supplement the wood stove. The wood stove only heated the house to certain extent. The armchair by the fireplace was the best spot during the day but uncomfortable for extended periods of time. That was my illness struggle, a constant battle to balance out my need to get warm over my need to get comfortable, there was always a sacrifice. A cold in the summer was no better! It can get really hot up there, but not hot enough or long enough for our house to ever invest in a cooling unit. We used fans. I may get cold with a fever but the heat made me unfortunately sweaty and much more difficult to breath. The fans helped, but an A/C would have been nice to cut out some of the humidity.

Now, I’ve recently moved down south. Sickness is much more bearable. I find the central unit system we have now allows for maximum control to alleviate climate induced discomfort.

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