HVAC that really works

Because I am along the eastern border of the country, the weather is a huge concern.  For the bigger parts of the year, the climate is quite cold.  Even while I was in the Summer and Spring seasons, both of us often need to run the gas furnace.  Even in the Winter, the snow piles up constantly, the temperature drops well below 0, and the windchill is downright scary.  Keeping a hotter house is a constant challenge.  It’s also quite expensive to do so.  I do all of the things I can to eliminate energy waste.  I have upgraded the upstairs on our house and installed all new windows.  I’ve added some weatherstripping to the attic, ceilings, and walls, and meticulous insulate around plumbing pipes, electrical outlets, and exterior doors.  Despite all this, our gas furnace seemed to heat non stop and our month to month bills were draining our budget.  Since our gas furnace is not super outdated and features an impressive AFUE rating, I was at a loss.  I finally had a chat with our Heating and A/C business, and he suggested that I put in a whole-house humidifier.  With the gas furnace running frequently, the air in the house tends to get overly dry.  The small amount of humidity makes the air feel much colder, which leads to bigger thermostat settings.  Once the humidifier was put in place, I was able to lower the thermostat by a couple of degrees and the house still felt perfectly comfortable.I also had seen that I was no longer experiencing static cling.

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