HVAC technology in hotels

It’s june and high school had just discrete for summer. My friends and I had talked about a trip when school was over. We had a hard time choosing because half of us wanted to venture to the beach and the other half wanted to see the zoo. We had a tiebreaker and it also was off to the seaside we went. It was upto a 6-hour road trip to a beach. We decided to leave around 3pm in addition to being we got to our hotel we’d check in, sleep and then get off the chair bright and early for the beach the following morning. The drive felt longer when compared to it actually was because my associate is literally the most cautious/slowest driver in the whole world. When we finally made it for the hotel, we checked in and headed around our room. As soon even as we walked in the room, it’s to be a wall of hot, smelly and thick air smacked me within the face. It was about 80 degrees outside at 9pm, and I’m sure it was a little warmer in our hotel room! As all of my friends were complaining, I quickly raced to the HVAC system to switch it to air conditioning. I waited a few seconds for any cool air to start taken from the vent. It was taking way too long for the air to switch cold! I called down to the receptionist to see if she could send someone up to review our HVAC system. I told her that it might need an air conditioning repair by a technician. The guy came as much our room super fast. We found themselves having to switch rooms considering that air conditioner was broke, and they needed to call an air conditioning service in the future to the hotel the very next day to fix it. We were thankful the hotel room was so kind and surely could help us into another room fast and without any problem.

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