HVAC technician advises maintenance for air conditioner and furnace

My family recently headed south for vacation and visited some of the many amusement parks that are located there.  We saw dolphins doing tricks and ventured out on make believe safaris.  My family spend ten days enjoying the sights.  We had not realized what a big tourist industry these type of attractions had become.  There were hotels, motels, and inns every few feet.  Some of the more complex theme parks had their own hotels and eateries right within the park.  Every imaginable type of restaurant,  offering something for every kind preference, was available.  The worst problem for us was the long lines at the parks.  We stood in line for  an hour to access some of the more popular attractions.  Not only was it a big waste of valuable time, but extremely uncomfortable in the summer sun.  The kids complained that they wanted to return to the hotel because of the air conditioning.  Sometimes we don’t appreciate comfort until it is missing.  I remember a few summers ago, we endured record setting heat waves in our area.  Unfortunately,  our a/c broke down on one of the hottest days of the year.  I called multiple heating plus A/C repairmen trying to get a professional to come to the house and provide repair.  We ended up waiting several days for an air conditioner repair.  The local HVAC providers were booked solid with repair calls due to the heat wave.  Once the air conditioner was fixed, the HVAC professional  recommended regular annual inspection to prevent problems with the a/c as well as our heating system.  Since then, we  have never had any more complications with the HVAC components.  Annual HVAC maintenance is a worthwhile investment.

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