HVAC system crucial to how fresh it is

My family has been around the fine chocolate business for approximately sixty years. When my grandfather was a young child, he realized that there was some sort of magic in chocolate and he wanted to discover how to harness this magic. So, he packed up and headed to the city and founded himself an apprenticeship with an upscale confectioner. By the time he was 18, he had opened his own store and it has been in the family ever since. Recently, my father decided that the time had come for him to pass it on to me. My innovative idea for our beloved business was to add some sort of roadside stand. The biggest challenge in such a case was the integration of a great HVAC system. Of course, chocolate is very sensitive and must be kept at a certain temperature. The whole point of the stand was to have an old-timey vibe, and visible air conditioning equipment inside of a little, wooden roadside stand is definitely not old-timey. Therefore, the HVAC system–which has been crucial to the preservation of our product–had to be concealed. I thought the air conditioner could maybe fit inside of an old wooden barrel, but it was slightly too large. Also, climate control systems inevitably make a decent amount of noise, and I knew that the A/C hum would simply throw off the customer’s chocolate time-traveling encounter. Finally, air quality in general–aside from the simple issue of temperature–could also affect the oxidation of the chocolate, so an air purifier must also be added to the hidden accessories list. In light of those issues, I chose to just scrap the roadside stand idea overall.

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