HVAC system causing a problem

I live in a bigger city where condo residing is the typical thing. The buildings that I can afford are all sort of old plus rundown, which isn’t regularly an issue until severe weather hits. I can be pretty good with the best of the them, however when it is chilled, I want a certainly working heater. Most of these aged condo buildings don’t have modern central heating plus cooling systems. They still have those old heater systems that run from their basements. And some even more ancient buildings have gas heating, all of which is timed to go on at specific times of day, whether you are condo or not at home at all. This is the biggest error of condo living. If you aren’t at your house, you miss out on solid heat plus chances are it doesn’t certainly stick around your condo entirely that much. The vents are so worn out plus aged that I wonder when the last time they had any of them scrubbed out or even changed a cooling filter in the last several years. I just regularly hope for the greatest to happen. I have used a portable electric oil heater when I get certainly upset, however those are the worst energy spenders that send your utility bill sky high. Once Summer comes around, it’s all downhill, as a/c is not around. My only option for chilling down in the Summer is cracking a window or using stationary fans. I dream of a/c in my house.

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