HVAC spending plan

My spouse and I recently bought a house. It is not the nicest house on the block, but not the worst! I do believe the term is ‘fixer-upper’.  It is an investment of money, but we were psyched in the deal we got, totally worth the money we would have to to put into it. We love each other but we never could see eye to eye on different things. In this case our opinions differed on which direction we wanted to go regarding our HVAC system. We decided on central air.  That was painless because summers get hot in this state and we didn’t want to worry about A/C units in windows. We had a strict budget to allocate towards our HVAC plan and it was a struggle to afford both our needs and wants and stay in budget. We both felt the heating system deserved to be a bit more complex considering the winters are long and brutal.  He wants a smart thermostat and zone control heating system. He loves all things app related and this meshing of heating and cooling and his phone was ideal. He tried to sell me on the ease of heating our home with our phones from work. I wanted radiant heating and old timey wood stove, I tried to sell him to the cozy nature of the odor of wood smoke, and it brought me back to my childhood. I said radiant heating can be just as cool as a smart thermostat and he said zone control was much more efficient than a wood stove. Unfortunately that was a fact, but I wasn’t willing to give that up. I did get my old timey wood stove however, not my radiant heating.