HVAC should be updated

Back in the early turn of the century a wealthy man built his husband and family a castle in the mountains which has since been completely converted to a private college. What is now the library has floor to ceiling picture windows that are constantly looking out onto sweeping green mountains and there are all of these lovely tables to study on. Wrought iron light fixtures, all original stone walls and of course there is the original hardwood flooring. An elaborate cascading stone waterfall flows elegantly down the hill into the courtyard and hiking trails snaking all around the castle. It was a great locale in which to study, the only drawback was the Heating and Air Conditioning system. I believe the old HVAC setup was original to the building as well. There was no cooling system, it was all stone so naturally there were no walls to get into to successfully install any HVAC ductwork, and it just happened to be situated so high in the mountains that all every one of us had to do was open the windows or french doors to get the cool, appealing mountain breeze. Winter season, on the other hand, could be overwhelmingly heated for all of the students. The castle had so much going for itself in beauty and academic proficiency, however it turns out that it did not have an efficient heating plan. Classrooms were equipped with original steam cast iron radiators that apparently only turned on to an extremely hot setting. All classroom windows would be opened in the middle of winter to mitigate the heat. I even remember burning myself on those radiators a couple times. The beauty there is breathtaking, however for an academic setting it is in terrible need of an energy audit.

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