HVAC scaring the kids

It’s Grandparent week-end and the teenagers are in control of the house. Both of us stay up late, cook pizza, and turn the crazy songs up high. Both of us live in the country and no one  lives close to us. That makes it alright to be noisey. We’ve had a fireplace installed since the last time the teens were over. They will fall in love with it. When their parents brought them over they came into the den with the teenagers. They couldn’t believe their eyes. They were legitimately impressed with what they saw. The teenagers were running wild wanting their parents to leave so they could have a celebration. My daughter ask what Heating and A/C company installed our fireplace. She took a picture on her iphone and said I want the same one installed in my house. What my daughter wants my daughter gets. The next day my daughter called the Heating and A/C company to come over to discuss their new fireplace they wanted. After all the discussion, within two weeks they had a new fireplace. Their children were still at my house so they had plenty of time to like the fireplace by themselves. My daughter absolutely fell in love with her fireplace and her hubby was as glad about her change in attitude. Her hubby sent out a message to all his friends that he has the answer to all marriage problems, and please call this number Heating and A/C co. for the answer. My Heating and A/C company called us and wanted to know why they were receiving calls about marriage counseling.I ask my Heating and A/C company to call and ask my daughter and if she doesn’t know the answer she will surely find out.

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