HVAC Repairwoman

My father work as an HVAC repairman his whole life. I grew up watching him tear down air conditioning and heating equipment. I loved to be around my dad while he was working and since we spent so much time together, I learned the intricate details of HVAC systems long before I knew how to drive a car. It only seemed natural when I grew up, to go into the HVAC industry. I was already knowledgeable and besides, HVAC was in my blood. The only problem was, I am a woman. I was the only woman in my HVAC classes and I am the only female HVAC repairman at the HVAC business I work for. I would say there is a bit of a glass ceiling in this industry. Many of the HVAC repairmen I work with, act like I am an enigma. I do not let it bother me, I know I am a natural when it comes to repairing air conditioning or heating parts and I would bet my HVAC abilities against their HVAC skills anyday. I guess they feel threatened by a female HVAC repairman…HVAC repairwoman, though there is no reason to, we have more than enough HVAC business in this city. Sometimes, the homes I go into also have the same prejudices. Many times older gentlemen will be watching over my shoulder, while I work on their central heating and air conditioning systems. I see the panic on their faces, as I repair or service their expensive HVAC equipment. I will be glad when more females join the HVAC industry and this becomes a distant memory.

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