HVAC repairs overdue

The air conditioner in my home is past due for a repair. All week, I have been unable to sleep because it has been making a loud noise. I would turn the thing off completely, but when I do, my house becomes too hot and I have trouble staying asleep. I know that I should have had the thing repaired several months ago. However, I don’t have a lot of disposable income, and I have to be careful with how I spend my money. My brother is quite the handyman, and I am considering having him take a look at the HVAC system before I call a local business to come and fix it. The last time this happened, my brother was able to make a small repair. he is a godsend, and he saved me a lot of money. As a homeowner, I have learned that maintaining heating and cooling systems is a lot more work than one would imagine. If I don’t schedule routine inspections and visits with my HVAC provider, the odds of a small issue turning into a larger one increase significantly. I am learning this lesson the hard way. I am hoping that the repair is something small and can be fixed in a few hours. Otherwise, I may have to go several weeks without an air conditioner because I will have to wait until my next paycheck comes in. I know that this is less than ideal, but it’s something that I will have to do. From now on, I will prioritize my HVAC system over other things. I need my a/c to stay comfortable!

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