HVAC repair

I visited my family recently, and they had a problem with the HVAC system. My family and I were visiting for an entire week, and the problem occurred on our first day in town. I woke up early in the morning, because I was seating. This was very strange, because the HVAC system should have kept the house cool. It was the summer season, and the HVAC system was running the A/C almost constantly. The outdoor temperature was close to 100 degrees every day. When I woke up sweating, I knew that there was a serious problem. I woke up my sister, who didn’t seem to be bothered by the humidity. I told her that the HVAC system wasn’t running, and she got up out of bed.  She called her local HVAC repair company, and they agreed to send someone the same day. We waited around for a few hours, before someone arrived. The humidity was getting worse, as the day started to near noon time.  By the time that our repair company arrived, the entire house was scorching and uncomfortable. Luckily enough, the HVAC technician easily found the issue. Our fan motor had locked up, and needed to be repaired. We were lucky that it didn’t need to be replaced, because the part is extremely expensive. By the time that our technician was finished with the repair, our HVAC system was working well again. The house was starting to get cool, and the A/C was pumping out icy, cold air. The vacation was saved, and we all had a great time!

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