HVAC rental saves the day

I always look forward to having our annual family reunion. It’s great to get all the family together to have some fun, eat some good food, and catch up on things. This year, we booked a nice venue at this beautiful park. The building was really nice and there was an outdoor playground area for the kids to play. We had all kinds of great food and everything just seemed perfect. There was one problem though, the HVAC system was not working very well. We had adjusted the thermostat to compensate for the lack of cooling in the building, but it didn’t seem to help at all. I called up the owner of the venue and he said he would have to rent an HVAC system for the time being. I was actually surprised that could be done and I surely agreed. The HVAC technician arrived on the scene before the main event, so it was perfect timing. He was quickly able to set up a nice ductless mini split HVAC system and in no time we had that building nice and cool. I was very pleased with the resolution to our problem. I know something like good air conditioning can really make or break an event. This HVAC rental really saved the day and we had a fabulous time at our family reunion. The next reunion might be something more interesting like going to a theme park. Some of my cousins were saying we should go on a cruise. That would be really expensive but certainly would be a great time!