HVAC pipe exploded

I have no idea how it happened. We were all sitting around the dinner table, chattering and bickering, when all of a sudden we hear a huge bang up in the hallway. My kids screamed and dodged under the table. My wife looked at me. I looked at the hallway, but there was dead silence now. I sprang out of my chair and rushed into the hallway, only to find bits and pieces of drywall and insulation and a huge gaping hole in the wall. An explosion. No one knew what to do. I peered into the hole only to find that it was the HVAC pipe that had exploded. Suddenly, I realized how cold it was getting in the house. The heating system was no longer on. I immediately ran to my laptop and searched for an emergency HVAC company. My kids were still under the table and my wife still staring at me, like I have any idea what I am doing. I called the very first number and when the receptionist answered, I explained that a pipe had exploded in my hallway, leaving the wall to bits, and my kids were scared. She said not to worry, a licensed HVAC technician would be there in less than 30 minutes to take a look at my heating system. I turned to my wife, and gave her the good news. The kids climbed out slowly from under the table. Thirty minutes later, I heard a knock at the door. The HVAC technician took one look at the hole in the wall and said, “Time for a new HVAC.”