HVAC on our yacht

My parents own a beautiful yacht. We always love to go on the ocean and spend some quality time with family and friends. I must say that something that really impresses me about their boat is the HVAC system! When you go inside of there on a hot summer day, it’s so perfectly cool. I love to just hang out in the back of the boat while fishing. Just hanging out with my friends and family with drinks having a blast. If we get too hot, we can just go inside the boat to that refreshing air conditioned environment. I always tell my father that I would love to buy that boat off of him one of these days. He always laughs and says maybe, but he doesn’t think I would be able to maintain it as good as he does. I figure he might be right, but I am thankful that my parents always provided such enjoyable times with the family together on that boat. We always had the best of times every summer season. I must say that the HVAC system is quite inspiring to me. It really has made me think about my own HVAC system inside of my home and how I would love to upgrade it soon! I’m pretty good about staying on top of the maintenance but the HVAC system is actually getting old. I really could use an upgrade soon! Honestly though, if I could buy that yacht from my parents, I could probably live out there on the ocean with that perfect HVAC system!HVAC maintenance