HVAC maintenance and settings

It’s lunch hour so I guess I’ll wander down to the office cafeteria for a bite to eat. I don’t like eating there excessively because they hike up the A/C making it always cold in there. I believe it is because I take my lunch earlier than everyone else which makes it crowded. I imagine they turn the air conditioning down because later in the day it heats way up when so many men and women show up. Actually, it is pretty frigid more often than not in my office as well. I will be looking around for a thermostat to see if I can adjust the temperature just a little bit. I imagine they have a lock over the thermostat though for obvious reasons. I used to have a lock on my home thermostat box when my kids were young and living in our home. Since they didn’t have to pay the electrical bill, they thought they could just adjust the thermostat to any temperature they wanted at any given moment. Now I have a brilliant thermostat so I can adjust the temperature around my house from anywhere by using my mobile. I just checked it and found a comfortable seventy degrees in my house. I wish I could adjust the thermostat within my office as easy as I do for my home thermostat. I imagine there’s a basic repair person in my office unit who is in charge of all the HVAC maintenance and settings. Maybe if I get to know him he will help me figure out the right levels.

HVAC service