HVAC issues in our dorm room

I have been living in the college dorms for two years on a full scholarship. It definitely has its ups and downs. I love that everything is taken care of for me on day to day basis. I don’t have to worry about utility bills, as I would if I were living in an apartment or even cleaning for the most part! The college covers all of these expenses through my scholarship that I was awarded over my four years. It does get tiresome eating in the cafeteria all of the time, but I can have a mini refrigerator and a microwave in my room which mixes it up a bit. Then I can have the option of grabbing something when I am hungry and not just during specific hours when the cafeteria is serving meals. I would say the worst problem I face is the dorm heating and cooling system. There doesn’t seem like there is any rhyme or reason to what the temperature on the thermostat is set on. It is never comparable to what the actual weather is outside or the temperature on any given day. The heater and the air conditioner both seem to bounce back and forth turning on and off often during times when I am not even in my room, or anyone else for that matter! I have talked to the resident advisor, but she said that all I can do is file a complaint with the administration. And, we all know what that means. I am just going to have to suffer through the awkward heating and air conditioning regimen until I graduate!A:C system