HVAC installations, tune ups and repairs

I live in a small farming town, where most kids never leave after high school, so they can help run their parent’s farm. I haven’t seen a lot of people leave for the city life even. However, I knew that I really wanted to do something bigger and better. My family has constantly struggled with their finances with six people running a small dairy farm. I assumed it would be a lot better if I could help them out financially. I never got bad grades, but I couldn’t afford to go to a university for more than a 2 year associate degree. So, when the local Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier visited our university for a career fair one day, I got excited to hear him speak about an internship. I was thrilled. This was a good chance for me to learn all about air conditioning systems and heaters. I would also learn about repairing them and installing them, while setting myself up for a great career in the future. I jumped on board with the idea after he was done speaking, and started during my second and final year of university. I was surprised by how much I truly enjoyed shadowing the Heating plus Air Conditioning professional. I also liked studying the ins plus outs of the various Heating plus Air Conditioning technology. I didn’t realize there were so many forms of heating as well as A/C systems available. There were some great options that were cost and energy efficient. The idea of receiving an amazing job and paycheck, plus installing a brand new Heating plus Air Conditioning unit into my parents home was absolutely exciting! Everyone was really proud of me plus they finally looked at me like a real adult. It was a good feeling.

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