HVAC in zones

    I live on a homestead. My husband and I thought it would be wonderful to have a number of children and spend our life farming. We wanted to live and eat on the land which we lived. It sounded amazing, until the realities set in.  The kids kept coming and also the work of managing a farm was a lot more than we could handle, some days and nights. We were a ten person family, with one wood stove and it was clear, times were changing. We needed to consider a big upgrade to a full air conditioning system. We needed to help make our lives a lot more simple with all the individuals we have to please. When we called the HVAC provider to have an assessment, they sent out an exceptionally knowledgeable technician to help us pick out a specific upgrade. I had no idea the amount of new options there were in air conditioning systems today. He looked at the number of people in the family, and he made really sincere suggestions, my favorite being zone control air conditioning. This app would help us to be more energy and cost efficient, in our cooling and heating needs. We would be able to program the thermostat to set very specific temperatures in different areas of the home that we were using, so there was virtually no waste. I loved it that with a lot of people in the family, we could please all the variations of desires, body temperatures and thermostat requests. We hoped this would certainly tame our energy bill and bring much more comfort to our home.

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