HVAC in the rentals

Summer holiday trips come few & far between for our large family of 10! Both of us have 8 youngsters & everyone seems to have an unusual temperament. So, the thought of putting all 10 of us into a large van packed to the gills & then finding somewhere for us to go, isn’t always the most fun. But, last summer season the two of us realized it was time to start saving to create some new family memories for the adolescents & decided that maybe a beach holiday was going to be the a best way to please several people at once. Both of us had a buddy who rented out their home right on the beachfront who gave us a heck of a deal! Both of us never considered to ask about basic home fixtures, about a/c & what other things the place did or did not have. It sat right on the sand of the beach, so would you genuinely even need a/c? Answer, yes! Wow, no one ever tells you that the humidity in the southern states could kill you in a heartbeat. I figured if the ten of us were directly on the water, the open breeze from the windows would be more than enough. l figured out rapidly that wasn’t the case & the ceiling fans weren’t going to cut either, however everyone was complaining bitterly, so the two of us parents needed a quick fix. Our buddy told us on genuinely brutal seasons their tenants could rent portable a/c box units. The added costs genuinely saddened my wife and I, however the two of us knew none of the kids was going to sleep or be glad if the two of us couldn’t cool down the place to a sufficient temperature.  So, the two of us decided to get three small HVAC box cooling units & have the littles ones triple up if they wanted to be cool. It did its task well enough & taught us lessons about the south, humidity & also appreciating our mountain hot & cold temperatures!

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