HVAC in the hotel

My boyfriend and I recently went on vacation. We were extremely excited to finally have the chance to get away together. We have been living together for about two years now, but we had not had the opportunity to really take an adult vacation and enjoy one another’s company away from home. We decided to vacation in the tropics, because we knew that sunshine and the beach would make for a very enjoyable time away from work. We flew to the tropics and checked into our hotel. We had booked the hotel specifically because it was situated right on the beach and we would be able to leave our room every single morning and step out onto the warm, white sand. We knew that the location of our hotel suite was absolutely perfect for our vacationing needs. We had not realized, however, that the hotel was not equipped with the best heating and cooling system. Honestly, at least in my experience, heating and cooling is not really the number one item on a vacation checklist. I had not even considered what our vacation might turn out like without any sort of adequate air conditioning. Thankfully, the hotel had a cooling system installed, but it was very out of date. My boyfriend remarked that the cooling system probably needed some maintenance. The air conditioning would turn on every few hours, no matter how low we set the thermostat. It would blow slightly cooled air into the hotel suite and then shut off again. My boyfriend and I were happy to be able to visit the beach whenever we wanted, but next time we will look for a hotel with a really great cooling system!

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