HVAC guy can never find my house

I live in the middle of nowhere and I both care and don’t care for this. I like that I have no neighbors and live in a beach house literally surrounded by trees. I can do anything I want in my home and be totally left alone. I am so peaceful and relaxed with nature. I also can hunt and not bother a soul. The drawback to being so hidden is that nobody can find my home. I never get my mail and I have to drive all the way to the post office. My water delivery girl has given up on me and just leaves my water in a random spot. Calling for plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling services is a joke as well. The Heating and Air Conditioning professionals never can find my home. I spend a long time trying to tell the Heating and Air conditioning companies exactly where my home is. They never have successfully located my home. Recently I wanted the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier to come to my home to look at my heating and cooling unit. I called an Heating and Air Conditioning business and deserved where my home was. I even tied a bunch of tape around a tree that leads to my driveway. I told the Heating and Air Conditioning professional all of this. I waited for over an hour for him before I called the Heating and Air conditioning office. The secretary told me that the Heating and Air Conditioning contractor could not find my home and just gave up. She did not call me or reschedule the HVAC service, she just gave up. I was super miserable with this and I ended up cleaning my own Heating and Air Conditioning unit. I can’t rely on anyone, even a paid HVAC tech to come over to my place.

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