HVAC for my dog

I am lucky enough to have quality HVAC in my house. Even though it’s not the absolute best when it comes to heating and cooling units, it still gets the job done more than enough. I enjoy the unit a lot, especially when the wintertime comes around and I get to blast the furnace to my heart’s content. Even as much as I enjoy it, however, my pet dog named Moose enjoys it all the more. Moose is very sensitive to the temperature of my house. Moose’s fur is very thick as she is a mountain dog, so her breed was meant to thrive in the mountains, ostensibly in the bitter cold. But as she is a house dog now, she has to deal with the heat that comes with living in one. What that means is that, during the winter when her coat is thickest, she gets hot very easily. When the heater is on in the wintertime, I have to be very careful that the furnace isn’t too hot for her. I’m lucky enough to have a good enough HVAC system that I can hit the perfect temperature for her so that she is as comfortable as she can be, and so that I am not freezing in my own house as well. The summer times are even worse for Moose, because even though she sheds most of her coat of for the warmer months, it’s still pretty thick, and she gets very hot. When that happens, I will gladly blast the air conditioning for her, and both of us are happy as can be.

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