HVAC equipment is not the greatest

I finally had a weekend off recently! I had been called into work for a few weekends in a row so I was really excited to finally get a weekend to relax and take a nice break. I was excited to get a chance to go out to lunch with my sister and catch up on things. After all, I had been working a great deal of throughout the course of recent years weeks. We had not had any kind chance to see one some other and catch up in a long time! We decided to visit a quaint little local diner that we knew would have quality, fairly cheap food as well as a relaxing atmosphere. We did not know, unfortunately, that the diner would be having massive heating and cooling problems on this particular day! When we arrived in the diner, the heating system was on. What were they thinking? Why would anyone turn the furnace on in the middle of the summer? I wanted to leave right then and there, but my poor sister had not had any coffee yet so we made a decision to tough it out and stay for a time. We were hopeful that this heating and cooling issue would be dealt with fast. Unfortunately for us both, the HVAC complications only appeared to get worse. The air conditioning turned on just about fifteen minutes  into our meal. That  air conditioning was so powerful, it nearly blasted us both out from the booth! Our coffee cooled down very quickly as a result of the overabundance of air conditioning, and if there is one thing I really can’t stand, it’s cold coffee. I’m not going back to that diner any time soon, for a certainty!.

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