HVAC equipment cleaning

Running a daycare out of your home is the best job ever, except for the fact that you have to constantly work to stay up to date with all of the state regulations. The kids are angels and I love being around them, but I am constantly overwhelmed by the quantity of work demanded by keeping the daycare up to state codes. The thing I have the hardest time keeping up to code on is my HVAC system. Most things just require an annual check with a code inspector. They come around and check my water and bathrooms and important things like that. While HVAC unit requires two cleanings a year, and an annual visit from a certified HVAC professional who goes around scrutinizing every detail as if his life depended on it. The cleanings are certainly not cheap. But the repairs to my HVAC system are going to put me out of business. I am essentially forced to pay for pricey repairs to my HVAC system just so I can keep my daycare. I have a feeling I am being scammed by this HVAC technician and plan on requesting a new one this year. There’s no way there could be so much wrong with my heating and cooling system. It works just fine! I need a technician who understands that I don’t have the available funds to make superficial repairs to my HVAC system. It would be completely unfair if it turns out that my heating and cooling system repairs are what puts me out of business after all this time.

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