HVAC ducts packed with dust

I returned home after my first year of college.  I was excited to be home for summer vacation, until I got to my room.  It looked like it had been used for a playroom.  Things were strewn all over the room, and there was trash everywhere.  I have younger sisters who seem to think that it is all right to rifle through my room, whenever they feel like it.  The youngest is the worst.  She is only eight, and the baby, and mom and dad say very little about things she does.  All wants to do is cause problems and then she tattles and taunts until you scream at her, and then it is your fault.  I often wished I were the only child.  I was in my room about ten minutes, when I knew there were things missing.  I found a screw driver by the floor air vent, and the blades were bent.   I knew dad had the air conditioning on high, because it was a really hot day.   It didn’t matter how much arguing I did, I was just building up more heat, and I couldn’t get the air vent to issue any air conditioning.  I had bent over to check the AC vent, and I noticed that there was definitely something wrong.  The air vent wasn’t just bent, but there was something inside.  I complained to my mom and dad who checked out the air vent.  As mom pulled out a lot of candy papers and dad straightened the blades, I started to feel cooling air.  My sister had the air vents bent, twisted and clogged, which stopped the air conditioner from sending cool air to my room.

HVAC ducts