HVAC ducts for casinos

When we actually opted to go to the casino last week, I walked around the entire casino floor as well as looked for our favorite little penny machines.  All of us were going to be there 2 days, so I wanted to go right ahead and seek out the machines I wanted to try.  I never picked up on the smoking space signs that were located just over a few machines.  I sat down as well as was playing for a while, while enjoying the comfortable air conditioned air that was coming from the vent directly overhead.  A guy sat down right there at the unit close to me as well as he pulled out a cigar..  I said something, as well as he pointed up to the sign above his machine.  There wasn’t a smoking allowed over mine so I courageously spent another ten or so minutes there before I moved on.  When we returned to our room that day, I instantly headed for the shower as well as cleaner clothes.  I could aroma smoke all over me.  John turned on the air conditioner, and thankfully because it was such a high class hotel, there was also a disinfect air feature on the unit.  Within minutes, the disastrous aroma of smoke was going away because of the air purification plan that was within the wonderful HVAC unit in the room.  Later that day we returned to the casino.  I was genuinely careful to go ahead and watch the signs over the machines.  I felt so fortunate that I was going to go home with a good deal more money than I had arrived with, because I was on a winning streak.  One person said I had actually probably picked the perfect locale.  She thought the coldest areas of the casino had the air conditioners that were blowing directly down on the the machine.  Since most casinos have older people loitering throughout, those machines were seldom used, as well as more active.  I want to say thank you to that great place for the wonderful a/c.